Common Money Myths That Keep You Poor

❌ Thinking and believing that money is bad. Money is neither good or bad. Money is neutral, up until the point that you judge it.

❌ Thinking that you’re broke because of rich people. Most rich people are rich because they build businesses that serve people. They took massive risks and didn’t easily give up. You can do the same!

❌ Saying that money is not important. If you don’t think money is important, you won’t “import” it into your life and keep it far away from your pocket!

❌ Setting goals that are solely focused on money: EG. I want to make $x,xxx a month. Money is a result, if you just focus on money and nothing else it will keep you broke!

❌ Buying lottery tickets and hoping that one day you get lucky and rich quick! A lottery or get rich quick mindset will keep you broke. Wealthy people almost never buy lottery tickets or gimmicks as they know it keeps them broke.

❌ Thinking that money is the only measurement of your worth. You can be worthy, rich and wealthy in many areas of your life, money is just one of them areas!

❌ Not buying Starbucks, saving $3 a day and putting it in an Index fund, thinking that in 50 years you will have a trillion bucks! That’s a common myth and overly used & outdated lie in common personal finance books.

Here’s what to do instead:

✅ Build your relationship with money. Talk to it and threat it with care and respect. The better you manage your money, the more you will get to manage!

✅ Focus on adding value and serving people. When you focus on the actions it takes to create money, you start to create it. PLUS you will feel your life has meaning as you work and serve yourself and others.

✅ Value yourself. There is nothing wrong charging for what you do. Poor people don’t value themselves and do things for free. The wealthy charge for that they do and are not afraid to name their price.

✅ Change your mindset and believe that money is important. When you believe money is important you will find ways to value it and “import” it into your life.

✅ Increase your self-worth. Your net-worth comes from your self-worth. The higher your self-worth, the higher your net-worth.


And now my question to you: Which money myth are you tired of hearing most? Let me know below!


About Bart Milatz

Professionals come to me to help them create a business and life they love, on their terms.

Helping you to powerfully connect with your inner most inspired purpose enables you to get unstuck from the 9–5 you hate.

It allows you to lead by example and walk your talk, rather than just dreaming and talking about it.

You can learn how to authentically connect with your own inner vision, so this becomes louder than all of the noises of society and other people’s expectations of you.

When I’m not being of service, you can find me studying, researching topics such as human behaviour, wealth-building and personal development; or running.



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